2016, Bronze
Dimensions: 460mm x 200mm x 200mm

The figure in, Missing, leans heavily into the void left by a loved one. There is no way of knowing if the absence is temporary or permanent, nor who is absent. The style of the piece is a light, quick & semi abstract sketch, that evokes the ephemeral nervous energy associated with loss while the heavy bulk, of the metal it is cast in, reminds us of the exhausting weight that follows.

Cast in Bronze, as a Limited Edition of five figures, the finish of each of the five Editions of, Missing, is unique. For prices and further information about which Editions remain for sale please contact the artist.

Missing, Edition 1 of 5 – Warm chestnut Bronze, overlaid with a Verdigris patina. The rough textured surface is rubbed back to achieve highlights of bare metal.