2019, Bronze, Stainless Steel, Stone
Dimensions: 420mm x 260mm x 430mm

Emergence, reflects the internal struggle that is an integral part of human nature. 

The left hand of the figure pulls the veil tight; symbolic of the insecurities and inner demons that prevent her from emerging. Simultaneously, her right hand seeks to pull the veil away; the desire to emerge as a better version of herself refusing to be repressed. 

Which hand will prevail?

Cast in Bronze as a Limited Edition of seven figures. The patination and base of each of the seven Editions of, Emergence, is unique. For prices and further information about which Editions remain for sale please contact the artist.

Emergence, Edition 1 of 7 – Patina of layered russets and browns to create a warm chestnut colour, with a Verdigris veil. Red Sandstone Plinth with Mirror Polished Stainless Steel (SOLD)

Emergence, Edition 2 of 7 – Patina of Verdigris and blue/green pigments to create a vibrant colour, reminiscent of the ocean. Kirkstone Slate Plinth with Mirror Polished Stainless Steel (SOLD)