Rebecca lives, with her children, in the Lake District, United Kingdom. She studied Classics and Archaeology, at University, which enabled her to gain a deep understanding of how the Sculptural form evolved throughout history. She intended to return to University to do a Master’s Degree. However, while working abroad, she got distracted by the Ocean and became a Diving Instructor instead. For many years she worked in some of the most beautiful oceans in the world.

On her return to Europe, she worked alongside Artisan Makers, designing and creating, architectural interiors. The rekindled her desire to become a sculptor. Examples of her early work, including fireplaces, stained-glass windows and furniture can be found both in the UK and abroad.

Rebecca Ainscough - sketches

In 2006, while pregnant with her daughter, Rebecca fell off her mountain bike. After a stern word, her family GP prescribed an internet search to find a safer pastime. Within a few weeks, Rebecca had her first experience of sculpting from a life model, in clay.

In order to balance work and family life, Rebecca’s journey to become a sculptor was unconventional. She attended several short courses to learn how to sculpt and practised on her own between courses. This in turn led her to study the associated disciplines, of anatomy, life drawing, blacksmithing and marble carving. These processes continue to inform her work today. Under the guidance and wisdom of talented mentors and tutors, Rebecca’s work continues to evolve.